H M Revenue & Customs – Income Tax and National Insurance 

H M Revenue & Customs – Income Tax and National Insurance
64-8 Appointment of agent
SA1 Registering for Self Assessment
CWF1 Notification of Self Employment
CA04 Class 2 / Class 3 Direct Debit
P46 New Employee – without a P45
P46(car) Change of company car provided to employee
P11d Return of employee benefits in kind
P11d(b) Employer’s declaration of benefits in kind
Student vacation work declaration
H M Revenue & Customs – VAT
VAT1 Application for registration
VAT2 Partnership details on registration
VAT7 Application for de-registration
VAT427 Claim to recover Input Tax – post de-registration
VAT652 Notification of errors > £10,000
VAT 600FRS Application to Join the Flat Rate Scheme
Companies House
AA01 Change of accounting reference date
AA02 Dormant company accounts
AD01 Change of registered office
AP01 Appointment of Director
AP03 Appointment of Secretary
CH01 Change of Director Particulars
CH03 Change of Secretary Particulars
DS01 Application for striking off
NM01 Change of Name by Resolution
SH01 Allotment of shares (cash consideration)
TM01 Removal of Director
TM02 Removal of Secretary