Statutory Accounts

What are Statutory Accounts:

Statutory accounts are the annual accounts prepared at the end of each year from your company’s financial records. These records have to be sent to HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) as part of the companies tax return and also all the company shareholders. The Statutory Accounts will include a balance sheet showing everything the company owes out on that day of the year and everything the company owns of has in its possession. They will also include a profit and loss sheet showing everything the company has made and lost over the financial year for that company. Depending on this size and type of your company you might have to include other things in your Statutory Accounts such as a auditor’s report and a director’s report.

Statutory Accounts

What we can offer you:

As experienced accountants we can manage your yearly accountants to how you want it. We can give you yearly, quarterly or monthly accounts with all the profit and losses balance sheets, which will give you an overall idea of how your business is performing. This is important to any business whether its new or existing thats why we make it our top priority to make sure every figure is accurate. Our aim to help you grow by maximising your profits by reducing expenditures such as Tax.

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