Can an Accountant file my Tax Return?

Yes, an accountant can assist with filing your Tax Return as submitting your Tax Returns to HMRC is highly important. You can use our Tax Calculator to figure out how much is due by visiting our Tax Calculator Page.

Here at Region Accountancy we ensure that our clients know how much tax is due in advance, leaving a large amount of time for them to gather the correct amount of funds in order to pay it to HMRC.

Visit our TAX Return in Wolverhampton page for more information.

Are Accountant Fees deductible?

The HMRC does allow companies to claim a tax deduction for some of the fees that your accountant may charge, however, please keep in mind that due to the nature of how accountants work, not all of the fees that they charge can be deductible.

Can an accountant set up a limited company for me?

Yes, most accountants can set up a limited company (ltd.) on your behalf, however they will likely charge a fixed fee if you do not plan on appointing them as your accountant.

For more information on this subject please visit our Business Start Ups in Wolverhampton page.

Can my Accountant sign my Passport Photo?

If your accountant has known you for at least 2 years, lives in the United Kingdom and currently has a British or Irish passport themselves then yes, they are able to sign your passport photo as they satisfy the criteria put in place.

Can my Accountant report me to HMRC?

Yes, all Accountants are required to report any illegal activity to the rightful authorities as it is a corporate criminal offence for them to fail to prevent tax evasion. Accountants are obliged to report any suspicions they may have.